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What are the Internet content?

Asked by: Michael Scott 218 views Internet August 4, 2018

What are the Internet content?

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    Internet (English: Internet), also known as the Internet, or the Internet, the Internet, the Internet began in 1969 in the United States. It is a huge network that is connected in series between the network and the network. These networks are connected by a common set of protocols to form a logical single large international network. Usually the Internet refers to the Internet, while the Internet refers to the Internet. This method of interconnecting computer networks can be called “network interconnection”. On this basis, a global Internet that covers the whole world is called the Internet, that is, a network structure that is connected to each other. The Internet is not the same as the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is just a global system based on hyperlinks and is one of the services that the Internet can provide.

    Function Classification

    Communication (IM, Email, WeChat, Baidu HI)

    Social (Facebook, Weibo, Renren, QQ Space, Blog, Forum, Circle of Friends, etc.)

    Online trade (online shopping, ticket sales, transfer remittance, industrial and agricultural trade)

    Cloud service (network disk, notes, resources, calculations, etc.)


    Resource sharing (e-market, portal resources, forum resources, etc., media (video, music, documentation), games, information)

    Service objectification (Internet TV live media, data and maintenance services, Internet of Things, internet marketing, traffic, traffic nnt, etc.)

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    covers industrial, financial, Business, smart city, communication, transportation, people’s livelihood, tourism, medical care, education, government affairs, agriculture, language, poetry;

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    All-inclusive, see your needs!

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