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What is wrong with the hard disk?

Asked by: Timothy Williams 174 views Hardware August 4, 2018

The temperature has been extremely high for a few days, with the heat sink and the fan only pressed to 70 degrees, and Master Lu has detected problems, but I don’t know what the problem is

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7 Answers

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    You can use the hard disk detection software to check whether the hard disk is abnormal. Then check the ventilation status of the hard disk of the chassis. If there is too much dust, you can’t fan it.

    Kathleen Adams- August 4, 2018 |

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    First, remove the main box and use the blower to remove dust. Second, use the u boot disk to enter the pe to repair the hard disk. Third, usually pay attention to shut down the computer when not in use.

    Ryan Harris- August 5, 2018 |

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    Master Lu prompts 05 error (ie remapped sector count) is generally a bad track on the hard disk, you can click on “Disk Detection” – “SMART Information” in the lower right corner of the hardware check page. In addition, the 360 ​​software housekeeper searches for the hard disk tool “DiskGenius” to repair the damaged sectors (that is, logical bad sectors), install the open software and click on the hard disk – bad track detection and repair. However, the disk has been prompted to indicate that the usage period is almost the same, and the damaged sectors will appear in the next interval. It is recommended to replace the hard disk in time.

    Question: No bad sectors detected

    Martha Campbell- August 5, 2018 |

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    It may be that your computer needs to be cleaned up.

    Watson- August 5, 2018 |

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    I suggest you go to the computer repair shop to see the hard disk

    Ruth- August 6, 2018 |

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    It is estimated that there is too much dust. Br>

    Mary- August 7, 2018 |

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    There was a sudden power outage when you used to play the computer

    Jennifer Moore- August 7, 2018 |