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How to download watch software monitoring computer app

Asked by: Roger 176 views Computer May 12, 2018

How to download watch software monitoring computer app

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     Installing a wireless network surveillance camera  (e.g. fluorspar, small ants, joan, etc.)

    First of all wireless surveillance camera equipment, wireless surveillance cameras are now a whole , unlike the previous need to install the lens to install infrared lights and the like. Connect the wireless network surveillance camera to the computer. After the computer is turned on, install the driver of the wireless camera. Some of them are driver-free, which is even better. On the computer, you can see the port and IP address of the wireless network surveillance camera. You can set it by default or manually. Then follow the prompts in the computer interface, set the router, so that the router can automatically get the surveillance camera data, in order to remotely monitor. The corresponding network surveillance camera app is installed in the mobile phone. Generally, the seller will give you the software when you buy the camera. Sometimes you need to download it on your mobile phone. The wireless camera is set to support remote monitoring, and the video recording function of the monitoring camera is turned on, and then the video quality of the video recorder is plugged in, and the login user name and password are respectively set. Then use the phone to log in to the APP and test the remote effects.

    Install monitoring software   (eg network post, grass management, workwin)

    Monitoring Software Monitoring software is a company or individual that acquires someone by some means The purpose of information includes the company’s monitoring of employees’ online behavior and the company’s monitoring of internal documents and equipment usage. Reasonable use of monitoring software can improve business efficiency.  1. Chat record monitoring: Monitor the chat contents of employees using chat tools (such as MSN, QQ, Yahoo, Ali Want, etc.), to facilitate managers to manage employees’ Internet chat behavior, avoid employees from excessively chatting on work hours and have nothing to do with work. content. 2. Web browsing monitoring: monitoring the web pages viewed by employees, and checking whether employees are working on websites that are not related to work. 3, screen monitoring records: the employee’s computer screen screen to record 4, software restrictions: the use of software in the staff computer restrictions, such as disabling QQ, disable Thunder and so on. 5. Hardware limitations: Limit the use of hardware on employee computers, such as disabling the USB interface, disabling the printer, etc. 6, Web browsing restrictions: restrictions on employees to browse the web, such as the prohibition of landing Kaixin, prohibiting landing Tianya community. 7. Monitoring statistics report: statistics on employee’s work efficiency for a month, intuitively seeing the time and frequency of employees’ use of each software, and reflecting them with column charts and pie charts. Make managers more intuitive and more based on staff evaluation. 8. Client monitoring: Part of the function control of the online controlled computer, such as sending a message to the controlled computer, locking the controlled computer, logging out the user using the controlled computer, and restarting the controlled computer. >

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    This is a camera with an app.

    George Scott- May 13, 2018 |