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Solve the dialog box problems that often occur?

Asked by: William Jones 195 views IT August 4, 2018

The computer display often appears in the box Autodesk 360

Configuration  file'C:/WINDOWS/configurations.xml' is not found. This file is requirde for sync. How to deal with this situation?

2 Answers

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    This is a 360 desktop program. Can not be started, the solution is to re-install 360 desktop, the second is to open 360 guards — optimization acceleration — startup items, remove the front of the 360 ​​desktop, only retain the input method and anti-virus software

    Robinson- August 4, 2018 |

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    This is a 360 security desktop startup error, you can uninstall the “360 Secure Desktop”, or use the 360 ​​Security Guard–Optimize Acceleration–Startup item to disable the 360 ​​desktop startup item.

    Richard- August 4, 2018 |