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Notebook connected to WiFi

Asked by: Carl 212 views Computer August 7, 2018

The download is very fast, some websites open the web very fast, some can only open a part, others have been circled

9 Answers

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    You can open the cmd command prompt window and ping those slow website addresses to see if the delay is high or timeout directly? If it is a timeout, please check the DNS of your computer or network, if there is a problem with the settings, resulting in parsing exceptions. If you are not sure, you can consult someone who knows the Internet. Or use someone else’s device to go to the same website and test to see if it is caused by hardware.

    Frank Anderson- August 7, 2018 |

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    It’s not a network problem, it may be what you set up, 360 try to restore DNS

    Laura Robinson- August 7, 2018 |

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    Re-download NIC driver try

    Diane Cook- August 7, 2018 |

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    This is not your computer or network problem  is the problem of those websites

    Debra- August 7, 2018 |

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    This should be a webpage problem!

    Thompson- August 7, 2018 |

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    According to the wireless network signal. Try another time

    Kathleen Morris- August 7, 2018 |

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    Look at the NIC driver update try

    Amy Wright- August 7, 2018 |

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    Wi-Fi is connected via radio waves, there will be For reasons of interference, instability will be normal. But the network cable is much better.

    Linda Jones- August 7, 2018 |

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    Try using the cable

    Larry Roberts- August 7, 2018 |