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What if the memory cannot be used at all?

Asked by: Joyce 193 views Hardware August 8, 2018

My computer has 3 memory plugs, but the memory inserted in slot 1 cannot be used. In fact, I installed 10G memory. Master Lu also detected 10G, but the computer display can only use 8G.

When I unplug all the memory, only when I install a memory on the card slot 1, the computer can't open the machine; when I plug a 4G into the card slot 1, the rest 2

G+4G is inserted in the card slot 2 and the card slot 3. Master Lu detects 10G, but the computer shows only 6G, which means that the memory module inserted in the card slot 1 is detected, but it cannot be used. How can I ask? Do you have a big help to help me!

2 Answers

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    xp can only use 4gWin7 and can only use 6g

    Question: I am win10 64 bit. . And before I win7 can also use 8G. . . .

    Answer: win10 can only support 10g, three processing speeds, running modes should match each other

    Raymond Mitchell- August 8, 2018 |

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    card slot 1 is broken

    Dorothy James- August 8, 2018 |