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Is it difficult to learn data science and big data technology?

Asked by: Nancy 201 views IT August 6, 2018

Is it difficult to learn data science and big data technology?

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    This is a place where every professional has a difficult place for every major. If you work hard, the problem is not big.

    Belongs to interdisciplinary: three major supporting disciplines: statistics, mathematics, and computer; biology, medicine, environmental science, economics, sociology, and management are applied as extension disciplines. In addition, it is necessary to learn data collection, analysis, processing software, learning mathematical modeling software and computer programming language, etc. The knowledge structure is a cross-border talent with two specialties and multiple complexes (with professional knowledge and data thinking). What is the demand for data science and big data technology professionals? According to LinkedIn’s “2016 China Internet Hottest Talents Report”, R&D engineers, product managers, human resources, marketing, operations and data analysis are China’s nursing million. The most demanding position in the network industry. At present, there are 300,000 data talents in China. It is expected that the demand for big data talents will increase significantly in 2018. The gap between high-end talents such as big data scientists is between 140,000 and 190,000; the analysts and managers who understand the use of big data for decision-making With 1.5 million, the data analysts are now in a strong demand. The monthly salary of 2 years of work experience can reach 8K. The monthly salary of the data analyst with master’s degree can reach 12K, and the work experience of 5 years can reach 400,000 to 600,000 yuan. What are the tasks that data science and big data technology professionals can do? There are more and more organizations that value data. Going to the Ministry of National Defense, down to Internet startups and financial institutions, they need to be driven by big data projects to drive innovation. Data analysis is needed. There are also many processing positions; common food manufacturing, retail e-commerce, medical manufacturing, traffic detection, etc. also require data analysis and processing, such as optimizing inventory, reducing costs, and forecasting demand. Talents are mainly divided into three categories: big data system development, big data application development, and big data analysis.

    Data science and big data technology professional application recommendations: 1, the current phenomenon of enterprise employment: a professional cluster corresponds to an industry hotspot. Big data is an interdisciplinary subject, taking the “complex” training route, and the professional background of people engaged in relevant functions in the industry is different. 2. There is a gap between talent training and industry development. Since the syllabus update will not be too timely, after the big data talents graduated in 7 years (four years of undergraduate and three years of master’s degree), they may fall behind the industry. Therefore, the teaching mode is also very important. This teaching mode of Chuanzhi College is to avoid this problem. The teaching method is based on the project-based teaching mode, combined with the current real project case for project teaching, so keep up with the development of the industry, the characteristic practical class and Project simulation, simulation development, etc., are conducive to the professional learning of students. 3, the typical competency of big data talents: good at demand analysis, writing code; good at communicating with people, like to explore the unknown; need to deduct, analyze, propose solutions based on data, have data thinking; need to maintain learning status continuously; The upper body can be static. ·4. Different majors offer this major, and the training mode will be different. Some will be more inclined to the use of tools, such as data cleaning, data storage and data visualization and other related tools; some will tend to cover the basic knowledge of big data related knowledge, in the graduate section will specialize in a certain technical field, Such as data mining, data analysis, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and so on. Therefore, for the teaching of this piece, you should carefully apply for information about the school.

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    Clarke- August 6, 2018 |

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    It depends on what level you are standing on, and you need to master the knowledge. It is not difficult or easy.

    Ronald King- August 6, 2018 |