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Assembly machine configuration

Asked by: Walter Adams 221 views Hardware August 8, 2018

I want to assemble a computer that is within four or five hundred thousand dollars (not including the on-screen keyboard and mouse, just a host). Seek the guidance of the great God

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    CPU: i3 8100 scatter 685  (for i5 8400  plus 480)

    Motherboard: MSI B360M MORTAR  660

    Video Card: Colorful iGame1060 Flame Wars U-3GD5   1600

    SSD: Toshiba Q200  240g  M.2             430

    HDD: Toshiba P300 Series 2TB 7200rpm 64M SATA3  380

    Memory: G.Skill DDR4 2400  8g       485

    Chassis: Xingu LUX Lax White Case +6 Aurora Fan + Xingu GP600 White Power   600

    Heat Dissipation: Kyushu Fengshen Xuanbing 400 White Snow Leopard Edition  115

    Answer: Graphics card can also be replaced with 1060 5G Internet cafe version, these two graphics cards you see, the price is almost

    Answer: This configuration is a second-tier big brand, office games are very strong, you can Top with chicken, if there are other requirements you say

    Mark Lee- August 8, 2018 |

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    is 4,500 yuan? The following is the configuration list

    processor Intel Core i3 8100 (bulk) 

    heats Kyushu Fengshen Xuanbing Smart Edition 

    Video Card Gigabyte GV-N105TOC -4GD(GTX1050Ti  4G) Graphics Card 

    Mainboard ASRock H310 Motherboard 

    Memory DATA DDR4 2400 8GB 

    Hard Disk Samsung 860Evo   256GB SATA3 Solid State Drive 

    Chassis Xingu Halo Photonics Case 

    Power US Corsair VS350 Power Supply (rated 350W) 

    Monitor User Optional–

    User-selection of the mouse-and-rats–

    The reference price is about 4,500 yuan

    Brenda Hill- August 8, 2018 |

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    Poor, it is recommended to go to 5G Internet cafe version

    Matthew- August 8, 2018 |

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    You can’t do this configuration!

    Joseph Harris- August 8, 2018 |

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    You still have to check out the market and say it!

    Ruth- August 8, 2018 |

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    This price is second-hand.

    Debra Walker- August 8, 2018 |

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    This price configuration is too low to meet the demand.

    Nancy Young- August 8, 2018 |