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If the title of the created menu is a minus sign "-", the menu appears as a separator line, and this menu item also recognizes click events.

Asked by: Helen Adams 198 views IT August 9, 2018

How to explain it! Ask for a great god

2 Answers

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    (1) Insert a “section break” at the beginning of the article and click the “Delimiter” command in the “Insert” menu to bring up the “Delimiter” window. (2) In the window, select the “Continuous” check box under “Sections Type” and click the “OK” button. In each chapter, you need to change the page number, that is, insert the “section break” at the beginning of each chapter. (3) Click the “Header and Footer” command in the “View” menu, enter the page number and click the “Insert Page Number” icon, then click the “Show Next” icon button to select the system’s default settings. No need to change. This will be automatically programmed when printing. Note: The key is to turn off the icon that is the same as the previous section.

    Jeffrey- August 9, 2018 |

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    There is nothing to explain, you can create a project, build a menu to understand, everything is exactly the same.

    Mary Wilson- August 9, 2018 |