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Steam was stolen, and it was stolen after it was found.

Asked by: Paul White 357 views Internet August 11, 2018

After steam was stolen, I sent an email to the official. The official got the number back, but the same person was stolen. The person who hacked sent me a software before, then I downloaded it, and then gave the hack. I deleted the software, used the computer housekeeper and Kingsoft drug tyrants to check the poison, and cleaned it up, but in the afternoon I gave it to the thief and changed the mailbox and phone number

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    How do you delete songs from the national K song? Recently, when I used the national K song to record songs, I accidentally shared the songs, but the small five-tones were incomplete, I was afraid that the songs were heard by others, and I was jokes, so I wanted to delete the songs I just recorded. However, at the beginning, I didn’t know how to delete the songs of the whole people. After some searching, I finally found a way. Here, Xiaobian shared a personal experience and hoped to help friends with similar needs.

    The steps for deleting the shared songs are as follows:

    One, enter the full K song app, then enter from the top right corner, click to enter the “my” song, then you can See the songs you have already sung, then click on the song you want to delete, as shown below:

    Second, after clicking the song you want to delete, you will enter the playback interface of the recorded song, then click on the upper right corner. […], then at the bottom you will see the delete prompt, click “Delete Song”, as shown below:

    Third, a confirmation dialog will pop up, we click “Delete”, then you can successfully delete the recorded song.

    Comprehensive K song is a mobile app that Tencent has launched on the Internet. You can use your mobile phone to karaoke online and install songs recorded by other friends on the network. For friends who like to sing, the K-song app can be described as a K-song artifact.

    Martin- August 11, 2018 |

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    Bind the phone security order after retrieving it will not be stolen

    Martha Young- August 11, 2018 |