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My computer is HP hp touchsmart 310 pc hardware upgrade solution

Asked by: Kevin 280 views Hardware August 12, 2018

I want to upgrade the HP touchsmart 310 pc to support the highest model. CPU is best to give an upgrade solution 

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    The motherboard interface is AM3. The theory can be on the AM3 and AM3+ interface processors, but some of the motherboards on the AM3+ interface need to brush the BIOS. You have been on this board for too long (models around 09), it is estimated to find Not a BIOS upgrade package.

    So, buy the processor insurance for the AM3 interface. Consider using X4 955   120 dollars or so, note that buying 95W, 125W x4 955 may not light up.

    The graphics card, consider upgrading to GT1030   470 or so.   (its practical GTX750TI is more suitable, but this piece of Taobao ten cards nine fake, simply do not dare to buy)

    Memory and then buy the root DDR3 4G, Make up 8G, the general World of Warcraft can play, eat chicken do not have to think.

    Answer: The overall upgrade requires 700 pieces, and there is a need to make it happen. If the budget exceeds 1000, it is more cost-effective to change the machine.

    Carol Anderson- August 12, 2018 |