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Why is the connection not online?

Asked by: Joshua Davies 232 views Internet August 12, 2018

Why is the connection not online?

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    First, check if there is a network

    A lot of times, the computer does not have a network, it may not be a computer problem, but a problem in the network. Therefore, you should first look at whether the network devices such as routers are running normally, the computer can’t access the Internet, and other devices connected to the same network, such as other computers and mobile phones, can see if they can access the Internet.

    If other devices can access the Internet, it means the network is ok, the problem is your computer. However, if other devices cannot access the Internet, it is a network problem. Check whether the network device, network cable, etc. are connected. If there is no problem, it may be a network line problem, suggestions, etc. or contact the carrier for resolution.

    The following is mainly based on the normal network, the computer can not connect to the network solution.

    Second, check the network card driver

    WIN+R open the run box, enter devmgmt.msc Press Enter to open the Device Manager and check if the network adapter has a yellow exclamation point. If you need to install or update the NIC driver.

    Three, restart the network card

    If the driver is installed or the connection is unsuccessful, open [Control] Panel], find [Network and Sharing Center], click [Change Adapter Settings] Right click to disable [Local Area Connection] or [Wireless Network Connection], right click again to open “Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection”.

    4. Check IPV4 information

    If you are a home dial-up, open [Network] Sharing Center]>[Wireless Network Connection] or [Local Area Connection]>[Properties]>[Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)] is set to automatically obtain IP or DNS to solve the problem.

    V. DNS cache cleanup

    If the network still can’t connect, you can try to clear the DNS. Cache; then we click [Start] > [Run] Input: CMD, enter: ipconfig /flushdns in the CMD window, the operation is completed.

    Six, winsock reset

    You can also try resetting the Winsock directory, right click Run, click [Run as administrator] CMD and then enter: netsh winsock reset, restart the computer after completing the above operations, it should be able to solve the problem.

    Kimberly Walker- August 12, 2018 |

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    The computer is not connected to the network, you can ask the 360 ​​computer professor to help solve.

    Kevin Watson- August 12, 2018 |

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    You can check if there is any arrears in your network, and then see if there is any loose interface.

    Susan- August 12, 2018 |