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Desktops   Every day before about 9 o’clock, there is no signal set display, but no re-insertion on the set display.

Asked by: Kathleen Smith 192 views Hardware August 16, 2018

It’s about 11 o'clock in the evening. It’s the problem, ask God to solve it

2 Answers

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    Develop the discrete graphics card and try it out. If you can’t remove the discrete graphics card, you can use the set display to see if it will be black. If you use the set display, it will not be black.

    Question: But at 12 o’clock, everything is fine

    Answer: That may be caused by voltage fluctuations, the computer’s power supply has problems.

    Question: But this is my rating of 400 up to 500 or a new power supply

    Answer: Anyway, try the above method to determine if the discrete graphics card has problem.

    Answer: In addition, the power supply should use a well-known brand. If a brand-name power supply is selected, it is not impossible to have such a fault.

    Question: Patriot Jingdong self-employed

    Answer: Patriot power is no problem, try the video card.

    Thomas Scott- August 17, 2018 |

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    Independence has no independent power supply, it will not be insufficient power

    Question: There is independent dual 6 power supply

    Answer: If there is independent If the power is supplied, it will be unleashed. If it is normal, then there are only two problems. 1. The external power supply is unstable (wall plug) 2. The independent PCB power supply is unstable.

    Christine- August 17, 2018 |