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Male 10 years old, playing computer and mobile phone is very good, but can’t remember when studying, what is the reason?

Asked by: Dorothy 207 views Computer August 23, 2018

Special knowledge of Chinese and English, with the least memory.

7 Answers

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    I don’t know if you are a parent or a child? This performance of the child is actually an interest issue! He is very interested in computers and mobile phones, but he doesn’t like to pay attention to learning things! This requires the guidance of parents! What is the ability of parents? Just check your child to check it out!

    Karen Lee- August 23, 2018 |

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    You can use your computer and mobile phone as a reward. For example, if your language reaches 120 points and English is 120 points, you can play.

    Richard Young- August 23, 2018 |

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    It’s said that computers and mobile phones are more stimulating. In the long-term situation, the brain is difficult to secrete dopamine in the usual situation, so you can’t concentrate on your learning and have poor memory. The problem

    Scott King- August 23, 2018 |

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    Attention and concentration are not placed on the study, naturally this phenomenon will occur, and there is no relationship with IQ

    Michelle Edwards- August 23, 2018 |

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    Let the child listen to the story to read the novel, when he is on the storyline After interest, the door to the language will open. Similar to English, the sci-fi fantasy of English may be more appetizing for him.

    Elizabeth- August 23, 2018 |

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    Be sure to make him interested

    Karen- August 23, 2018 |

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    Be sure to ban games during your studies.

    Jose Carter- August 23, 2018 |