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Samsung K2200 appears code #C3-1414

Asked by: Harrison 5,773 views Hardware August 24, 2018

Samsung K2200 appears with code #C3-1414. The imaging unit is reinstalled and still appears

1 Answers

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    Error: #C3-1414/Imaging unit failure: #C3-1414, install the imaging unit again.
    ► ► Symptoms
    The imaging unit is not installed / CRUM data cannot be detected.
    ► ► Troubleshooting Method
    1) Open the front cover and check if the imaging unit is installed.
    2) Remove and reinstall the imaging unit.
    3)  If the fault persists, check the imaging unit connector for contamination or deformation.
    4) Remove the imaging unit and replace the drum unit and developer.

    Peter Watson- August 24, 2018 |