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In the Word document, only the first 36 pages can be displayed in the page view, and the following dozens of pages cannot be displayed!

Asked by: Arthur Harrison 192 views Software August 27, 2018

Addition: In the case of switching to other views, you can view the following. How to show the following content in the page view?

4 Answers

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    You can’t see the image in the page view, you can see it in normal view.

    Cause analysis: The picture layout in the document is “embedded”, and the line spacing is set to a fixed value, and the line spacing limits the display of the picture.

    Workaround: Set the line spacing to a non-fixed value, such as “minimum”. Line spacing can be adjusted according to the size of the object, you can see the picture

    (answer comes from the network)

    Question: You can’t see the picture, you can’t see the content behind the document. !

    Joshua- August 27, 2018 |

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     Switch to the outline view, then drag the mouse to the place where the problem is displayed, delete the blank page, and switch back to the page view to see the entire contents of the document.

    Marie- August 27, 2018 |

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    Change to play from slideshow

    Amy Clark- August 28, 2018 |

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    Is it set outside the page area?

    Question: What do you mean? Did not understand!

    John Morgan- August 28, 2018 |