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How does the software see the format?

Asked by: Patrick Davies 196 views Software August 28, 2018

How does the software see the format?

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    If you have tools such as UE, it will be more convenient to modify the encoding format.

    First: Use the UE to open the file, pay attention to the red mark in the picture, and display the file encoding format.


    If you want to change the encoding format, click on the small header in the red box in the figure, then select the encoding format you want to use in the pop-up list. Then save it.

    Helen- August 28, 2018 |

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    对软件    Right click    Point Properties    You can see

    First of all, of course, downloading, when downloading, try to go to those big software download sites to download, to avoid poisoning, if the computer poisoning caused by downloading a software, causing serious consequences, it will not be worth the loss.

    You can install it after the download is complete. Select the directory you want to install when you install it, and then click Install. The rest is waiting, wait a moment. It can be installed in a few moments.

    Double-click to open the format factory, the interface is very refreshing, we can see that the format factory can not only convert video, but also audio pictures, optical drive equipment, and even Video merging and audio merging can be said that the sparrow is small and complete.

    We started to convert. First we need to prepare the video file to be converted. Let’s take the RMVB file as an example, and then select the one we need to convert. Format, small series is converted to AVI format, and then select the corresponding conversion option (as shown below).

    After clicking, an operation dialog will pop up. We choose to add the file to be converted, and then select the folder where the converted file is stored. Is the output configuration option, we can choose the type of output, Xiaobian will not be described in detail here.

    Then click the OK option, you will come to the conversion interface, click the “Click to start” button, you can start the conversion of the file format, the conversion process may be a bit Slow, need patience.

    The following is the option to turn off the computer after the conversion is completed. If you have a large number of videos to convert, and the conversion may be late into the night, you can Check this option to automatically shut down after the conversion is completed.

    The conversion work is completed. Let’s take a look at our results. The conversion of other formats is similar. You can refer to the above steps to convert, but some conversions. The method can be slightly different. If the conversion is not successful, you can check the reason online.


    Be sure to go to the big website to download the software to avoid poisoning.

    After the installation is complete, there will be a home page and a plugin for adding Baidu toolbar. If you don’t want to install it, please remember to check it.

    The format conversion may be a bit slow, especially when the video is large, so we need to wait patiently.

    Gary- August 29, 2018 |