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Can the sound level meter data be recovered?

Asked by: Margaret Turner 192 views Hardware August 29, 2018

Can the sound level meter data be recovered?

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    Yes, you can use 360 ​​file recovery to restore the sound level meter data. How to use 360 ​​file recovery

    When you find that the file has been deleted or lost by mistake, don’t go to the disk where the lost file is frequently. Wipe operations to avoid the possibility of recovering files. First open the 360 ​​security guards, find the function area, click the “More” option

    Find “File Recovery” in the function full board, if not, please jump to “No” Find and add in Add Features. Of course, the secondary function must be added under the conditions of the network.

    Open the “File Recovery” function, select the disk where the file you want to restore is located, click Start Scan, Quiet, etc. Just fine. If it is a USB flash drive or hard disk, please plug it in


    After scanning, the file recovery function will display a large amount of lost files. Divided into: high, high, poor, and poor. High and high are generally better for recovering your files, the latter two are generally not recoverable, or are incomplete or missing after the reply. If the recoverability is blank, this file is completely unrecoverable

    Find the file you want to restore and save

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