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Ps technical guidance

Asked by: Green 255 views Software August 30, 2018

Now I am already a bit of a foundation, so let me first understand the deeper ps technology. I don't know if there is any book or tutorial that can be recommended by any god.  

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    1 PS tutorial Foundation Classes (3 sets recommended) ① first set:. “PS supernatural powers off course”, author: Qilian Mountains. The first set ②: “Jing-wei ps tutorial”, author: Jing-wei. ③ first set: “Photoshop CS6 zero-based introductory tutorial”, author: Tian Jing (Book Publishing Author | Adobe Certified Designer).

    2.PS synthetic Tutorial Course Name: PS photo compositing techniques Daquan practical, author: Hu Feihu (ADOBE certified senior designer), content to include photo effects processing, surreal photo synthesis, and creative photo Synthetic special effects processing.

    3 PS portrait intensive class tutorial (recommended 2 sets) commercial grade portrait finishing (overall modification and secondary skills articles), ad business portrait intensive tutorial, author: Zhong Venda. Microdermabrasion, portrait modification This is the common routine of PS. Some of the course cases are as follows: Please carefully observe the color and shape contrast of the teeth of the figure above, as well as the contrast of skin and pores. This is where professional retouching needs to learn and pay attention.

    4 Tutorial toner class name PS: wedding studio post toner retouching advanced tutorial OF: Dragon. Teach you to use PS software to bring up different styles of film, so that students can understand the ideas while learning and operating, so that when you get other cases, you can also call up the effect you want.

    5.PS illustration painting class (recommended 6 sets) Learning to use PS software to draw cartoons, realistic illustrations, or CG original paintings, this is stress-free.

    1) European style Q version cartoon class PS tutorial name: PS European style Q version cartoon drawing technique tutorial, the author is: Charles. The station is cool to recommend designers and petal net contract designers. The content is detailed, for professional cartoon illustrators or individual lovers, it is a good tutorial that can’t be missed.

    2) Kaman image-based tutorials Name: Raiders cartoon image design tutorials, instructor for the station cool designer recommendation, the famous cartoon rabbit poker author: Three Shou. The expressions of the Tang Dynasty chicks, poker rabbits and other expressions are widely spread and spread in the network.

    3) Artistic style painting tutorial tutorial name: “Drawing with Heart” painting tutorial, teaching teacher: Sinan, with a popular serial picture book “Mirror Reality”, visual China Xinrui 100 interview designer. This tutorial explains and demonstrates the use of creative thinking and creative tools in the painting process.

    4) Beautiful diffuse PS painting tutorial tutorial name: PS hand-painted American comic style painting tutorial, teaching teacher: Dabei, its game masterpiece “Tomb Notes S” has been sought after by millions of fanatic fans. Through the study of this set of courses, you can systematically understand the origin and culture of the beauty, and master the drawing techniques of comic illustrations.

    5) hardcore cards Painting Tutorial Name: CG illustrator tutorial card in Europe and America, author: Jiang Wei. Look at this cool light effect and the picture, I must be shocked. This CG European and American card illustrator tutorial has a total of 9.5 hours of courses, through the system PS tutorial, I believe you can also learn the essence, can use PS draws this cool effect.

    6) realistic illustration painting class PS Tutorial Name: CG realistic painting tutorial, author: Cho seek. This is a professional level CG painting tutorial. Some of the course case diagrams are as follows: @酷coo豆 In this Repost, a few pieces of Huang Zumou’s work, let everyone share their eyes. Huang Zumou teacher works ↓↓↓ 6. UI design icon drawing PS tutorial tutorial name: UI theme icon design case tutorial, by UI designer Han Rui. Some of the case diagrams are as follows: Tutorial name: boutique ui icon production tutorial, senior interface designer Li Shiqin lecturer, chasing players, standing cool recommended designers.

    6. Web Design PS Tutorial (Recommended 2 sets) Tutorial Name: Web Design Advanced Tutorial (Part 1), Web Design Advanced Tutorial (Part 2), belongs to advanced course content, suitable for Photoshop software operation There are some students who have experience in using it. Author: Tencent designer Gordan, served as DNF Queen visual designer.

    Robinson- August 30, 2018 |

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    Do you want to go to design or just want to learn PS technology? Just think of P pictures, you can look at those excellent post-processing tutorials, and you have to learn some art knowledge if you want to design.

    Melissa- August 30, 2018 |

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    First practice with the map

    Jason- August 30, 2018 |

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    Li Tao master road

    Jessica- August 30, 2018 |

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    Go to the forum to see the master released the tutorial, learn to do, improve very Fast

    Marie Smith- August 30, 2018 |

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    Log in Youku to download PS instructional video

    Question: Is there a specific point?

    Answer: Youku has detailed PS instructional videos.

    Rebecca Evans- August 30, 2018 |