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How to set the date format like 1981.04.05

Asked by: Ruth Edwards 220 views Software September 1, 2018

Addition: in the spreadsheet

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    Find “Display” in “Settings” – “Date Format”—-“Year. Month. Day (such as 1981.04.05)”, then “OK”.

    Gregory Patel- September 1, 2018 |

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    You can right click on the cell and select Set Cell

    Brian Hughes- September 1, 2018 |

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    as follows:

    1, enter the date Avoid the use of the number.

    Why do you say this, please see the comparison chart below. It can be obvious that the date entered in excel needs to have a certain format, and if the number is used, it will be obvious that the date of this month can be seen, and the date of the next month will not be displayed. Second, the ability to group will not be displayed when using a PivotTable. Therefore, we need to avoid the use of the number when using excel.


    2, using the regular excel format.

    Use the correct excel date format, one is a forward slash is “/” 2013/02/01, and the other is a minus sign form “-” such as 2013-02-01. The correct date for other formats can be found by setting the cell format.


    3, the use of the test date

    The use of this place is a book point of view, the cell format is changed to regular, if it is a Group number, which is the correct date to write. This is because excel’s date is essentially the default start date of 1900/1/1. In the system, this means the first day, the number 1. So there are special numbers every day.


    4, the importance of regular date input

    In addition to the copy paste on the top, there is a place that requires regular date input. That is, in the use of a pivot table, the function called “combination” refers to organizing several parts of data into a whole.

    Anna Thompson- September 1, 2018 |

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    Set the date format in the form

    Richard Green- September 1, 2018 |