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How to install black apple

Asked by: William Morris 60 views Software September 1, 2018

I downloaded a cdr file instead of an iso file

Opened with 360 compression and there is no Boot directory

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    The main two types of installation under Mac; 1. Through software installation, currently mainly: Kext Wizard, Champlist, Kext Utility, etc. are more convenient, generally used Kext Wizard, and Chinese version. 2. Direct drag / System / Library / Extension, use the chameleon can be directly placed under /Extra/Extensions boot with chameleon loading. Regardless of the above, you must rebuild the cache repair permission after completion. You can use the Kext Wizard. Otherwise, if you install the MAC driver under Windows, there is no installation software that can be used. Manual and MAC installation is similar, but the prerequisite is Have read and write access to the MAC disk, by installing Macdrive or HFS for Windows, the MAC driver file is the same as the upper path.

    Christine Hill- September 1, 2018 |