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How to delete the special symbols in the table data

Asked by: Brian 202 views IT September 3, 2018

For example 2017-01-01 Put - Delete to 20170101, and delete every line Thank you! !

3 Answers

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    If the characters you want to capture are only in the forefront, it’s still relatively simple

    I will give you a test

    Create a test table

    12345create table test( Content varchar(100)) insert into test values (‘IPHONE 5S <li><a  herf=”></a></li>’ )insert into test values (‘htc<li><a  herf=”></a></li>’)–I added another item to you Data


    1select SUBSTRING(content,1,CHARINDEX(‘<li>’,content)-1) from test


    Carl Williams- September 4, 2018 |

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    Table name table_name The name of the field to be operated field_name If you delete the value of the field, you can clear all the values: UPDATE table_name SET field_name = ”; If you delete the field (this field is from now on Nothing): ALTER TABLE table_name DROP COLUMN field_name;

    Sarah Adams- September 5, 2018 |

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    You should click on “Time Settings (Format)” on the toolbar and select “20170101” mode.

    Angela- September 5, 2018 |