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Hello How does your Lenovo computer set up the USB drive?

Asked by: Dennis Moore 231 views Computer September 5, 2018

All in English If you can teach me to give me your contact information, thank you

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    Main menu: Here is the main information of the computer, such as time and date. The floppy disk is no longer used. The following drive will record the hard disk information connected to the computer. The extended memory is the physical memory size of the computer, 1024KB=1MB. , 1024MB=1GB.

    Advanced advanced settings: English specific meaning as shown in the figure, generally do not need to set these items, some BIOS will put the options in the next Boot here.

    Security security settings: Here you can set the BIOS password, etc., ordinary users only need to add a login password to their account in the system, you do not have to set a password here. In the new Win8 and Win10 computers, there will be a safe boot option, which needs to be closed to install the system to the computer.

    Boot boot option: Here you can choose the boot option of the computer, that is, boot from the hard disk, U disk boot or CD boot, which will be used when reinstalling the system. Settings, if you want to use the U disk to reinstall the system, just make the U disk into the boot disk, and then set the U disk as the first boot item to enter the U disk reload interface.

    Exit exit: Exit the BIOS interface, the first item is to save and exit, generally use the shortcut key F10; the third item is to load the default settings, when the BIOS settings are wrong This item can be used.

    Clarke- September 5, 2018 |

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    After plugging in the U disk, there will be the name of your U disk. Let him rank first.

    Jason Clark- September 6, 2018 |