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Ming Hao MS-A55EL with r32200?

Asked by: Anna Hughes 212 views Hardware September 8, 2018

Ming Hao MS-A55EL with r32200?

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    There is no good, because you can’t use R3-2200 at all,

    Mt. MS-A55EL is FM1 interface, R3-2200 interface is AM4, these two interface pins are completely different, plug Can’t plug in.

    If you want to use the R3-2200, from the high end to the low end, you can use the X470 X370 B450 B350  A320, the recommended B350 or A320.

    Note: Ruilong uses DD4 memory, and your original DDR3 memory is not used.

    Sharon Hall- September 8, 2018 |