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How to wire GST-LD-IE8301 module

Asked by: Matthew 189 views Hardware September 7, 2018

How to wire GST-LD-IE8301 module

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    In the system:

    1 Smoke, fire hydrant button, hand report, sound and light need to connect the signal line, and the fire hydrant button has two pump lines, two sound and light power cable.

    2 The broadcast is connected to the host through the 8305 module. The 8301 module is used to connect some devices that need to be controlled after a fire, such as elevators, non-fire power supplies, emergency power supplies, tuyères, air conditioners, fire shutters, etc. Equipment, such as the following wiring diagram for reference:

    GST-LD-8301 type input/output module wiring method:
    1, Z1, Z2: Connect the fire alarm controller signal two bus, no polarity;
    2, D1, D2: DC24V power input terminal, no polarity;
    3, G, NG, V+, NO: DC24V Source output auxiliary terminal, factory default is active output: G and NG shorted, V+ and NO short;
    4, connected to passive normally open output: should short circuit between G, NG, V+, NO The chip is disconnected;
    5, I, G: connected with the passive normally open contact of the controlled device, used to realize the device action answer confirmation (can also be set to normally closed input or self-answer by electronic encoder); >6, COM, S-: Active output terminal, output DC24V after startup, COM is positive, S- is negative;
    7, COM, NO: passive normally open output terminal;

    Wiring Requirements:

    Letter Bus Z1 and Z2 adopt flame-retardant RVS type twisted pair, cross-sectional area ≥1.0mm2;

    Power line D1, D2 adopts flame-retardant BV line, cross-sectional area ≥1.5mm2;

    G, NG, V+, NO, COM, S-, I use flame retardant RV line, cross-sectional area ≥1.0mm2

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