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How to install 32-bit CAD on a 64-bit system

Asked by: Michael Campbell 422 views Software September 11, 2018

How to install 32-bit CAD on a 64-bit system

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    Install 32-bit cad software on 64-bit systems:
    1. Take AutoCAD 2008 as an example. If it is a compressed package or an image file, unzip it first. If it is a CD, copy the files to the local hard disk first. , get the file under the AutoCAD 2008 installation package folder:
    2, double-click to open Orca software, select file → open, find your AutoCAD 2008 installation package folder under the acad.msi file (sometimes acad .msi only shows as acad) Click to open. In the left table bar, click on the InstallExecuteSequence item and on the right find the two items, CheckFor64bitOS and  LaunchConditions. Right click on the above and select “Delete Line”. Click File – Save – Close.
    3, open the setup.ini  in the root directory with Notepad; this is the installation configuration file, find
    #=====================  Platform Requirement
    Save this paragraph and save it.
    4, select acad.msi or setup.exe this file right-click select properties → compatibility → run in compatibility mode → determine
    5, double-click acad.msi or setup.exe can be installed normally, select the installation location It is best to use the same folder under the Program Files (x86) folder.

    Christine- September 11, 2018 |

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    1. Use Orca [This file can be found in Baidu] Open \x86\acad\acad.msi This is the main installation program of CAD. In the left table, click InstallExecuteSequence and find CheckFor64bitOS and LaunchConditions on the right. These two. Right click on the right mouse button and select “Delete Line” and click File – Save – Close.
    2. Open Orca with \x86\acad\zh-CN\AcadLP.msi and \x86\acad\en-us\AcadLP.msi are Chinese language pack and English language pack respectively, delete LaunchConditions in InstallExecuteSequence respectively ( There is no CheckFor64bitOS inside) Click File – Save – Close – Exit.
    3. Open the setup.ini in the root directory with Notepad. This is the installation configuration file. The place to be modified is: x64_IMAGE_PATH=x64 is changed to x64_IMAGE_PATH=x86 [ACAD] PLATFORM=NATIVE is changed to PLATFORM=ALL PREREQUISITE =OS;IE;SSE2…… In this line delete "OS;"
    Remember: Except for the above 3 points, do not modify the rest, otherwise the installation is not successful. ! ! ! Then run setup.exe directly in the root directory to install it, no matter how the 32-bit or 64-bit system will not appear.
    After installing cad, activate with 32-bit registration machine – install PCCAD2010 – crack – work.

    Scott- September 11, 2018 |

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    It should be backward compatible, but choose a compatible CAD installation.

    Carol Phillips- September 11, 2018 |

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    Installing 64-bit CAD directly, 32-bit software compatibility on 64-bit systems may not be as good as 64-bit software

    Stephanie Morgan- September 11, 2018 |

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    Direct installation Yes, because 64-bit can be backward compatible with 32-bit, you may be prompted to install the patch, just do it. – A helpful team from 360 Le Bang Daren. Your evaluation is to improve and affirm me. If it is correct, please praise it in time; if it is not correct, please correct it in time; if not, please ask in time. hope it helps you.

    Edwards- September 11, 2018 |

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    Only the normal installation is fine.

    Maria Taylor- September 11, 2018 |