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Computer host configuration

Asked by: Virginia Allen 209 views Computer September 15, 2018

Looking at what brands to choose, b360 motherboard  240G solid state  8G memory stick 1T mechanical disk , what brand to buy, as long as the price/performance ratio is better I don't have any faith, nor look at the value, thank you! ! !

6 Answers

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    b360 motherboard ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte

    240g solid state drive, Samsung 970Pro (now on the solid state drive Samsung is alone, other brands are not worth mentioning)

    memory Hacker God, Pirate Ship Weigang

    Mechanical Hard Drive    Western Digital 

    Brian Allen- September 15, 2018 |

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    Mainboard B360 or Z370 will generally choose Asus, if you want to be economical, you can choose ASRock motherboard

    SSD will select Kingston as the main

    The memory is also Kingston, but it is recommended that the landlord install Kingston DDR416GB2400MHZ or more memory

    Hardware is recommended to buy Seagate 2TB7200 Transfer mechanical hard disk, quoted 449 yuan

    Power buy Hangjia X71000W power supply

    Debra Moore- September 15, 2018 |

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    The motherboard recommends Asus. . . .

    Christine Patel- September 15, 2018 |

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    ASRock motherboard, 529 yuan

    Lenovo solid state, 289

    Weigang 8G, 509

    hard disk, Western Digital and Seagate ,279

    Ruth Williams- September 15, 2018 |

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    Mother Gigabyte ASUS  MSI Stars    Solid and cheaper;  Memory 8G Kingston  Weigang  or Other    Mechanical  Seagate

    Carol Johnson- September 15, 2018 |

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    Mainboard  GIGABYTE B360

    Solid State Drive SanDisk

    Memory Chichi

    Mechanical Hard Drive Western Number

    Larry Smith- September 15, 2018 |