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In my computer, but why do I play with a LOL card, FPS is unstable, Caton! Come and help me to see the above problem!

Asked by: Melissa Carter 235 views Computer September 14, 2018

In my computer, but why do I play with a LOL card, FPS is unstable, Caton! Come and help me to see the above problem!

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    The graphics card problem is especially GTX960 (ASUS)

    Because the GTX960 graphics card is only suitable for the accessories of the old processor platform, and the CPU motherboard memory is 2133MHz above the high frequency of the memory, the GTX960 can’t reach it. High memory frequency [that is, the main frequency of the memory is 2133MHz or more. The old video card GTX960 supports the highest frequency at 1866MHz.]

    This configuration is very reasonable. It is reasonable to configure your own graphics card and this platform. Your idea is based on the principle of saving the province, but it is not so saved, especially the graphics card [for example: the old platform with new graphics cards are unreasonable]

    Unless NVIDIA launches an [old graphics card] Support for new platform / latest] compatible graphics driver or [new platform / latest support for old graphics] compatibility graphics driver to replace this driver will not have these phenomena you say

    The problem is NVIDIA The company can not make / launch this kind of graphics card driver, so the current configuration with the graphics card is best to use GTX10 series graphics card. If you want to use GTX960 then the solution can only replace the appropriate graphics card driver even if you replace More appropriate graphics driver will have reason is that I have said incompatibility problems

    Answer card / Kardon FPS unreasonable unstable: wrong
    [Old graphics card supports new platform / latest] compatible graphics driver or [new platform / latest support for old graphics] compatibility graphics driver
    should be:
    [Old graphics card supports new platform / latest processor] compatibility graphics driver or [new graphics card support old / old processor platform] compatibility graphics driver

    Answer: graphics card GTX10 series only supports processors Intel 680-generation CPU is very poorly compatible with GTX9/7/6 series graphics cards
    Graphics card GTX9 series The supported processor platform is only Intel’s four generations of CPU. The second and third generation CPUs are not very compatible.
    Graphics card GTX7 series / 6 series The supported processor platform is only Intel two or three generations of CPU four generations are not very compatible
    AMD AM3+/FM2+/FM2/AM3/ Support GTX9 Series/7 Series/6 Series Graphics
    AMD FM1 is compatible with some graphics cards
    AMD TR4/AM4 supports GTX10 series graphics cards. Poor compatibility with GTX9/7/6
    The main problem is that the picture quality card/calorie/FPS value is unstable. The replacement driver can’t find the right one.

    Question: Oh, meaning my graphics card and my CPU are not compatible. Is the video card?
    Is there a way to temporarily not change the video card?

    Answer: No replacement for the graphics card is no solution. It is basically meaningless to replace the driver. This is a physical conflict.

    Answer: But you can try to replace the 64-bit Win10 and try it. Resolve incompatibilities or conflicts between old graphics cards on the new platform

    Answer: The ASUS Z370 motherboard itself does not support 64-bit Win7 systems.
    It is recommended to install the 64-bit Win10 system. There are instructions on the motherboard.

    Brenda- September 15, 2018 |

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    There is no problem with the computer, the LOL game is not big, the graphics card is enough, it is recommended to do the system well, use the pure version, drive the official, and then check the network, the router will lose the signal for a long time. One of the faults of online games is that the registered service area sometimes has a traffic jam when the number of people is large, especially the team battle is unstable.

    Joseph Young- September 15, 2018 |

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    The best version of win10 17134.228 is installed.

    Lisa Hughes- September 15, 2018 |

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    GTX 960 graphics card and 8100CPU and Z 370 motherboard (Inter LGA1151 series) have generation difference, poor compatibility, the operation delay caused by mutual constraints between hardware, reloading 1060 The graphics card is just fine, because the latest 1060 graphics card is based on Intel’s 7th or 8th generation, memory DDR4 level development, 960 graphics card is corresponding to the LGA1151 (6 generation) and DDR3 level memory development,

    Question: Oh, is there any other way besides changing the graphics card?

    Answer: No, a configuration with hardware-only energy efficiency compatibility and balanced hardware to maximize energy efficiency,

    Diane Lee- September 15, 2018 |

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    6 generations later, Core and amd do not support win7 or below. The system, where the black7 technology win7 may be in a problem, you may be the reason, but the network problem is also possible.

    Karen- September 15, 2018 |

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    You are still in the middle of this configuration

    Brian Watson- September 15, 2018 |

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    Try to update the driver,

    Dennis Hall- September 15, 2018 |

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    configuration is no problem, it is recommended to replace Play and watch the WIN10 system. Intel 8 generation Core platform, more compatible with WIN10 system.

    Question: Change WIN10? But playing games is not to say that WIN7 is better??

    Answer: The current hardware configuration is more suitable for WIN10 system, and now installed WIN7 is still modified before it can be used.

    Carolyn Thomas- September 15, 2018 |