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The win10 system home version cannot access the shared disk.

Asked by: Joseph Brown 229 views Software September 16, 2018

Enter the shared disk address prompt to find this address, but my address is right for everyone else to connect, please thank God for your advice!

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    Can be used.

    1   First open the firewall, open the run window, and enter firewallcpl.


    2   After opening the firewall, click Advanced Settings on the left. Click to enter the Firewall Settings window.


    3   On the upper left side, click on the inbound rule, find the file and printer sharing (SMB-In) right-clicking rule in the rule, solve the sharing problem, file Share with the printer (echo request – ICMPv4-In) Right-click the rule to solve the Ping problem.


    4   Finally, the configuration files are private, public, and domain.

    5   For ordinary users, dedicated, public, of course, the choice of domain is no problem, but the domain is used in enterprises or large clusters, but not for several computers .

    Question: Can’t be open, or not even

    Nancy White- September 16, 2018 |