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Play the Jedi to survive, can’t play this pop-up, what’s going on? Is there a solution?

Asked by: Raymond Edwards 199 views Hardware September 16, 2018

Thank you friends!

Addition: If you change the video card, what kind of change, know the answer, do not understand nonsense, do not bb

2 Answers

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    The graphics card performance is too bad, you can’t play the Jedi for survival. This configuration is too low-end, only you can change the computer to play.

    Answer: Playing the Jedi survival is not only to meet the requirements of the graphics card, CPU, memory must meet the requirements, the computer with poor configuration should be a full set, not a video card.
    To send the computer configuration to see, I know which one is not, and which one to change.

    Matthew Turner- September 16, 2018 |

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    Tell you, you can’t play it, the suggestion is to ask you to patch, but your graphics card will not work at all.

    Harold Jones- September 17, 2018 |