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Xiaomi 6XMIUI9.5 stable version of the mobile phone, why can’t find the application double open

Asked by: Barbara Watson 195 views Phone & Tablet September 19, 2018

Xiaomi 6XMIUI9.5 stable version of the mobile phone, why can't find the application double open

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    First find “Settings” on the system desktop and click Open.

    Find “Mobile Phone” in “Settings” and click Open.

    At this time, it is necessary to start the setting of the mobile phone. Select “Open Mobile Phone” at the bottom, and the phone will start to switch to the avatar

    After entering the avatar system, click “Personal Settings” to enter the setting page.

    Click “Start Settings” at the bottom of the page

    There are three settings, password settings, contact settings, data and file settings.

    First set the password, select “Turn on the mobile phone password” to draw the unlock pattern.

    Start to import images after the setting is completed. This setting tries to import the images of the native system into the mobile phone, which is convenient for two views. For the frequently used pictures, easy import.

    Start importing files after the image import is complete. The import file is the same as the imported image, and the files that are easy to use are easy to import and easy to use.

    The next step is to choose the software used in the mobile phone. This setting allows you to use the same software in both systems without disturbing each other. Some small secrets can also be hidden here. you know.

    This step is basically completed. If you want to change your previous settings, you can return to the desktop and click on the three image settings below.

    So how do I set up my fingerprint to unlock it? Open the desktop settings, select “Mobile phone fingerprint”

    Follow the prompts to scan your fingerprint, note that you should use the unused fingerprints in the main system to scan. Of course, you can also choose the fingerprints already recorded in the main system.

    So how do we return to the original system? Drop down the notification bar, you can see the “mobile phone” notification, click to switch freely. Of course, you can also click “System Switch” on the desktop to switch from.

    This way, we will set it up, come and try it~

    Mitchell- September 19, 2018 |

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    There is definitely something you didn’t pay attention to

    Jones- September 19, 2018 |

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    This is to find

    Stephen- September 19, 2018 |

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    in the settings!

    Cynthia Morgan- September 19, 2018 |