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Below is the configuration of my laptop! Please tell me that I have a budget below 4760! Is it better to change that computer? I want white silver!

Asked by: Robinson 26 views Computer September 18, 2018

Model: HP Light Shadow Wizard 2

Processor: 7300HQ

Memory: 16G

Hard Disk: 1+128

Addition : I want to buy a better configuration! Even if only solid or mechanical can be installed later!

Addition: Lenovo Mechanical Revolution I can 5760

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    To change the better game book, you need i5 8300H+16G memory+GTX1060 graphics card, this configuration should be more than 7,000 yuan.

    The silver appearance is only mechanical revolution


    Question: Too expensive, I said the mechanical revolution and Lenovo Only 5760 or less, the others have to be less than 4760

    Answer: It is not expensive, it is slightly larger than the HP Light Shadow Wizard 2, it is necessary to configure this level, 5760 yuan The configuration is similar to that of the Light and Shadow Wizard 2. If you change it, there is no change. In addition, it must be silvery. The game is usually dark and the selection is very narrow.

    Question: Other colors are actually OK! The buddy recommended a few!

    Question: Lenovo Mechanical Revolution 5760 Other 4760

    Answer: 1, Shenzhou (HASEE) Ares Z7-KP7GS GTX1060 6G alone 15.6-inch gaming laptop (i7-7700HQ 8G 1T +256G SSD) RGB backlit keyboard 6699 yuan this is the cheapest, the brand is worse.
    2, Asus (ASUS) Flying Fortress 5th generation FX80 15.6-inch gaming laptop (i5-8300H 8G 256GSSD+1T GTX1060 6G alone) fire red and black 7399 yuan This is a big brand
    3, Asus (ASUS) Flying Fortress 5th generation FX80 15.6-inch gaming laptop (i5-8300H 8G 128GSSD+1T GTX1050Ti 4G IPS) Fire red black 5788 yuan This is similar to your budget, but the performance is not much better than HP Light and Shadow Wizard 2 .
    Jingdong price, only 1, 2 models can open the performance gap with HP Light and Shadow Wizard 2.

    Question: It’s expensive, the budget is not that much

    Question: I have a coupon for the Lenovo Mechanical Revolution, so I said 5760

    Answer: Lenovo and Machinery If the revolution is to reach the 1,2 configuration, it will cost more than 7,000 yuan, and the preferential price of 1,000 yuan will be more than 6,000.
    1, mechanical revolution (MECHREVO) X2 GTX1060 6G 15.6 inch eat chicken game notebook i7-8750H 8G 128GSSD+1T IPS WIN10 7499 yuan
    2, Lenovo (Senovo) saver Y7000 Intel eight generations of Core 15.6-inch gaming laptop (i5-8300H 8G 1T+128G GTX1060 72% NTSC black) 7799 yuan

    Question: How about Shenzhou book like God of War

    Answer: Shenzhou is cost-effective, but it is considered to be poorly cooled, with poor quality and no problem.

    Scott- September 18, 2018 |

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    Change a video card, you can buy a new one and buy a lot more than this, not worth it

    Question: I have two coupons 5000 minus 1000 , Lenovo mechanical revolution

    Question: In other words, Lenovo mechanical revolution I can 5760

    Jeffrey Hughes- September 18, 2018 |

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    computer configuration is good.

    Ann Mitchell- September 18, 2018 |

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    Do you mean to buy one new?

    Question: No, I want to buy a better configuration

    Question: Even if only solid state or mechanical can be installed later

    Ronald Harris- September 18, 2018 |