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How do you look at the database address?

Asked by: Kathleen Lewis 258 views IT September 30, 2018

How do you look at the database address?

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    In theory, the database address is not available.” Look at "

    There are hundreds of databases, and the commonly used addresses such as oracle, mysql, sqlserver are set by the administrator. And generally it is installed on the server, it ip you can not see (generally consistent with the server address), only from the administrator

    Of course, if it is a hacker, it can scan The IP address segment of the port to get the database address, but the general database service port default is fixed, such as oracle for 1521, mysql for 3306 and sqlserver for 1433

    Of course, the general database server can only Used on the intranet, it is not used directly in the extranet

    Brian Green- September 30, 2018 |