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LOL file corruption

Asked by: Elizabeth Scott 200 views Software October 10, 2018

tgp page textization

10 Answers

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    File loss or damage is best to re-download the installation file to overwrite the installation

    Patricia Roberts- October 10, 2018 |

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    1, respectively, the system partition, software installation partition for disk troubleshooting, repair problems caused by disk errors.
    Ctrl+Shift+Esc–File–Ctrl+Mouse Click “New (Build) Task”; in the black window, type chkdsk  /f  x: Enter, x means drive letter, pay attention to replace. If prompted: Forced to unmount this volume? Select “n” to schedule a restart check? Select “y”, please restart your computer for inspection.

    2. After the disk is checked, test the game. If there is still a problem, you need to uninstall the game and reinstall it.

    Kimberly Lewis- October 10, 2018 |

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    Uninstalling and reinstalling is done~

    Scott- October 10, 2018 |

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    Reloading, don’t ask why

    Virginia Young- October 11, 2018 |

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    just delete it again Download on the line

    Ruth- October 11, 2018 |

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    You can go to someone else’s computer to copy it back and copy it. If you don’t uninstall it, upload it on the official website.

    Green- October 11, 2018 |

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    You can re-cover the software that needs LOL file. It’s OK.

    Marie- October 11, 2018 |

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    Delete the TGP file under the installation file path, then open the game automatically to update

    George Moore- October 12, 2018 |

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    to the game’s installation directory, there may be a fix.

    Matthew Robinson- October 12, 2018 |

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    Can only reinstall the game

    Frank Taylor- October 12, 2018 |