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A 5A intermediate relay can control several 160W fans

Asked by: Morris 222 views Hardware October 13, 2018

Starting at the same time  Stopping at the same time after 3 minutes Start and stop is a little more frequent

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    A 5A intermediate relay can safely control 3 220V160W fans. The intermediate relay has three sets of main contacts. Each set of main contacts is connected with a fan. The rated load current of each unit is about 0.75A. The starting current is 4-7 times of the rated current. It is about 4A calculated according to the starting current of 5 times (basically reaching the contact capacity of the intermediate relay), and the more frequently the contact is activated, the more easily it is damaged. If there are more fans, it is more scientific to choose a 10-20A AC contactor.

    Question: The intermediate relay also has two sets of main contacts. I use two groups of

    Kathleen Lee- October 14, 2018 |

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    because 160/220=0.73A,   5/0.73=6.8 . Keep a certain insurance factor and control about 5 units.

    Kimberly White- October 15, 2018 |

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    Control 4 stations no problem

    Moore- October 16, 2018 |