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What is the difference between the DDR3 memory stick of the notebook and the DDR3 memory stick of the desktop computer? Is there a memory stick for the desktop computer?

Asked by: Joseph 194 views Computer October 15, 2018

My desktop computer has a small memory stick, I don’t know if it’s a desktop or a notebook

3 Answers

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    The desktop memory is longer, as shown in the figure:

    There is a laptop memory for the desktop, but that is the barebone system. For example, this ASRock’s barebone motherboard is the notebook memory used.

    Answer: Note: The slot for desktop memory is DIMM, and the notebook is SO-DIMM

    Answer: Above, the arrow refers to the memory slot.

    James Lewis- October 15, 2018 |

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    Desktop memory is not the same as laptop memory specifications.

    Jennifer- October 15, 2018 |

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    Notebook DDR3 memory stick is shorter than desktop computer DDR3 memory stick, and desktop computer can not use notebook memory stick

    Brian Lewis- October 15, 2018 |