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No communication port settings how to solve!

Asked by: Dennis Morris 171 views Hardware October 18, 2018

Addition: STEP7-Micro/win sp9 (highest version)

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    COM port is the serial communication port. The com port on the microcomputer is usually 9-pin, and has a 25-pin interface with a maximum speed of 115200 bps. Usually used to connect a mouse (serial port) and communication equipment (such as connecting an external MODEM for data communication or some factory CNC machine interface). Generally, there is only one COM port on the outside of the motherboard. The nine-hole output terminal (trapezoidal) along the back of the chassis and the parallel port is the COM1 port. The COM2 port is usually pulled out from the motherboard. The parallel port is the longest trapezoidal mouth. However, the current mainstream motherboards generally only have one serial port, or even not, and will be replaced by USB.

    Look at the 9-pin socket on the back panel of your notebook? If not, there is no port (COM port) in the device manager. If so, you can do this:
    Start—Settings—Control Panel—Add Hardware—Next—Yes, I have connected this hardware—Next—From "Installed Hardware" Looking at "Communication Port (COM1)"?
    If there is — select this item — Next step — Follow the prompts to install his driver — Device manager has a port (COM port).
    If no — "Add new hardware devices"—Next—Search and auto-install hardware—Next—(When the system automatically searches for hardware)—-
    If you find it, follow the prompts According to the installation driver.
    If you can’t find it, then there is a problem with the motherboard, and you need to repair it.

    Ruth- October 18, 2018 |

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    There is no solution, unless you add an interface board

    Daniel Anderson- October 19, 2018 |