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What changes has the Internet brought to job seekers?

Asked by: Carl Clarke 194 views Internet October 19, 2018

What changes has the Internet brought to job seekers?

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            The wave of mobile Internet attacks on traditional industries is sweeping the field of recruitment. For job seekers who are accustomed to investing in resumes, emails, multiple interviews, and written tests, the changes brought by mobile Internet recruitment may be a surprise.

            In addition to streamlining the process and shortening the time, mobile recruitment is also moving in a more professional direction.

            Finding a job is a long process in the eyes of many people. In order to find a job, we are willing to do our best and work hard. Wearing uncomfortable formal dresses, bow tie, and two-hour peak subway, in three or more rounds of interviews, I will go through a long wait.

            For companies, recruitment is not the process. The demand for manpower in industry is fast and large. In many cases, it is not the recruitment of people, but the right person at the right time. Once the factory receives the order, it faces the pressure to pay the bill in time, and in the labor shortage season, the worker is even more difficult to find.

            For workers, the employment information of enterprises is also very opaque. Many workers who need to find a job know their job opportunities through the workers, or look at the recruitment notices nearby, which causes the information between the employer and the workers to be unequal.

           And the mobile Internet has become the best bridge for communication. Just like a market, here, companies that need to recruit and workers who need to find a job will see the information for the first time and get a response immediately.

    Joseph Lee- October 19, 2018 |

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    shortened the time to understand each other and learn from the interviewers’ evaluations

    Brenda- October 19, 2018 |