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Can anyone provide me with a picture in .raw format? Urgent, thank you

Asked by: Evans 225 views Software October 23, 2018

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    The original meaning of RAW is “unprocessed.” It can be understood that the RAW image is the raw data of the CMOS or CCD image sensor that converts the captured light source signal into a digital signal. A RAW file is a file that records the original information of a digital camera sensor and records some metadata (Metadata such as ISO settings, shutter speed, aperture value, white balance, etc.) generated by the camera. RAW is an unprocessed, uncompressed format that can be conceptualized as “raw image encoded data” or more “digital negatives”. The full name of the RAW format is RAW Image Format, which is called primitive in programming.


    ·RAW files are almost unprocessed and directly obtained from CCD or CMOS, through post-processing, photographers Can maximize their artistic talent.

    ·The RAW file does not have a white balance setting, but the actual data has not been changed, that is, the author can adjust the color temperature and white balance arbitrarily, and there is no loss of image quality.

    ·Color linearization and filter row and column transformations are processed more quickly on computers with microprocessors, which allows the application of more complex algorithms that are not allowed on cameras.

    ·Although the RAW file is attached with markup information such as saturation and contrast, the actual image data has not changed. The user is free to personally adjust a picture without having to base on one or two pre-set modes.

    ·Maybe the biggest advantage of RAW is that it can be converted into a 16-bit image. That is, there are 65,536 levels that can be adjusted, which is a big advantage for JPG files. This is very important when editing an image, especially if you need to make important adjustments to the shadow or highlight areas.

    Angela- October 24, 2018 |