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How does a contact ic card exchange digital information with a reader?

Asked by: Carolyn Davies 187 views Hardware October 22, 2018

Smart Card Technology (Second Edition)

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    The contact type IC card is an IC card that exchanges data between the integrated circuit of the card and the external interface device through the tangible electrode contacts during use.

    When the contact card reader verifies the password, if it is not powered off after the previous check password is correct, it is considered correct regardless of the input of any password, and can only be judged after power-off. Whether the password is correct or not.

    There are two types of IC cards that are currently in contact: contact and non-contact IC cards. The contact type IC card obtains energy and exchanges data from the reader through mechanical contacts; the non-contact IC card acquires energy and exchanges data from the reader through the coil radio frequency induction, so it is also called a radio frequency card. Currently common in society is a contact IC card. It has a large amount of storage (in megabytes), strong security (multiple password settings and authentication functions), and can be used for one card. However, the read and write operations of such cards are slow and the operation is inconvenient. Each time the card is read and written, the card must be correctly inserted into the slot of the reader to complete the data exchange. In this way, frequent bus, attendance, etc. The case of reading and writing the card is very inconvenient, and the contacts of the reader and the contact pins of the IC card on the card are exposed, which is easy to be damaged and dirty, resulting in poor contact.

    The non-contact IC card is based on the principle of RF electromagnetic induction. Its read and write operation only needs to put the card within a certain distance near the reader to realize data exchange without any contact. It is very convenient, fast and not easy to damage. Therefore, it has broad application prospects in public transportation, access control, campus, enterprise and other personnel management and entertainment venues. At present, the RF IC cards introduced in China mainly include Mifare of PHILIPS and Temic cards of ATMEL. The following is based on the Mifare card of PHILIPS, and introduces the implementation method of the city bus automatic ticket IC card reader.

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