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Ae rendering will show what the file is corrupted…

Asked by: Thompson 196 views Software October 24, 2018

Installed a new memory stick, then an error will be reported

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    First, if you are AE rendering output, the following problem occurs: AE rendering error, the symptom is, when outputting video, the file is stored in D, E, F and other non-software installation disk error, after clicking the render button The progress bar is finished, the error number is “”-1610153459″”, as shown.

    AE rendering write file error “-1610153459” solution

    Second, open “”My Computer””, as shown, there is “local disk (C :)", “Local Disk (D:)", “Local Disk (E:)", “Local Disk (F:)". The C drive is a solid state drive, a system disk, an AE software installation disk, and can be written to a file. The other three disks are mechanical hard disks and cannot be written.

    AE rendering file error “-1610153459” solution

    Third, “local disk (D:)", “local disk (E:)" Change the disk name of the local disk (F:)" to another name. You can select the disk, right click “Rename”, or select the disk and press “F2” to enter the name you want to modify.

    AE rendering file error “-1610153459” solution

    Fourth, after modifying the disk name, as shown in the figure. Of course, the name needs to be changed according to your personal preferences.

    AE rendering file error “-1610153459” solution

    The fifth, do not need to restart, re-open AE, rendering, it can be written in C, D, E disk The file. The Chinese folder can also be written. Of course, this is the problem I encountered, write it out, I hope to help everyone.

    AE rendering file error “-1610153459” solution

    Chinese directory can also be output.

    AE rendering file error “-1610153459” solution

    Douglas Robinson- October 25, 2018 |

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    Friends, please open first The AE software in the brain, after opening, will open the file that needs to be exported after rendering. After entering the main interface, click the Composition option in the menu bar, then click the Add to Render Queue column in the small menu, and wait for the system to automatically pop up the rendered interface. Then click on the Render settings option in the lower left corner, then set the Quality option below. Here is the quality setting interface, you can set it to best, then click the ok button below, then set the Output Module column. After setting it, after setting it, You can see that the format set in the pop-up output mode is avi. After setting the file, it will be very large, because the compressed file will generally be damaged. Since this format is too large after exporting, you can set the Quick Time to Output format, then select the Audio Output Auto below as the output audio option, then use Output to to set the video output save location, set the location and click the Render button below to output. After the above settings The output quality of the video can be set in the AE software. Believe you again when exporting video rendering will not be undermined.

    Lisa White- October 25, 2018 |