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What kind of graphics card can I use to play games? ! How is the GTX750ti?

Asked by: Kathleen Ward 311 views Hardware October 24, 2018

Addition: So what if I switch to GTX660 3G memory?

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    No, you can’t play games anymore, unless you play lol, cf, dnf  such games with low hardware requirements, you cpu  with a gtx 750  Of course, with 750ti  also, other memory 4g  less, plus 4g  better.

    Answer: Then, gtx 750 is good, do you want to increase graphics performance? The gtx 660 has a much higher performance. The performance ranking is gtx 660 > gtx 750ti > gtx 750 , and the performance difference is about 15%.

    Answer: You have to change gtx 660 and at least change cpu to i5 2500. Your current cpu performance is too low.

    Sandra Clarke- October 24, 2018 |

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    Hello pro

    In addition to replacing the graphics card

    You also need to upgrade the CPU memory

    and then +block solid state drive Good

    Answer: Yes, only change the video card game or card, CPU and memory are not up to standard

    Lee- October 25, 2018 |

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    No problem, you can match 750 level graphics card, but the power must be enough 400W .

    Answer: Yes, but the power supply is also 400W. From the model, the GTX660 is the first generation of the GTX750, but the energy efficiency of the 660 graphics card can definitely kill the 750 graphics card, because the GTX660 graphics card is a classic graphics card, this Take a look at the comparison of the following two graphics card parameters,

    Kimberly Ward- October 25, 2018 |

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    CPU and motherboard will drag the graphics card. Insufficient power supply to the motherboard, poor CPU performance is not recommended to use alone

    Nancy- October 25, 2018 |

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    Yes, but I feel that the CPU can not match the graphics card, you can adjust the level down a bit, memory at least 8g

    Michelle Roberts- October 25, 2018 |

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    405, basically only play old games 5 years ago, the current mainstream games can not run

    Hughes- October 25, 2018 |