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Synology btrfs format raid1 volume mount and data recovery?

Asked by: Kimberly 202 views Software October 31, 2018

A group of Hui, made a raid1 array using btrfs format, using two ssd to do the read and write cache of the space. After the ssd cache is removed and formatted without uninstalling the ssd cache, the corresponding raid1 array is damaged. After the hard disk is mounted on the ubuntu system, use the command: mdadm -Asf && vgchange -ay to generate a raid1 device md127, but the error is reported when mounting: error: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, Bad superblock on... Help you to provide a mount method or data recovery method, thank you!

1 Answers

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    The raid1 volume mount and data recovery of Synology btrfs format are implemented by special data marking software.

    Anthony Campbell- October 31, 2018 |