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In which folder is the geforce experience screenshot?

Asked by: Melissa White 197 views Software November 6, 2018

In which folder is the geforce experience screenshot?

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    The driver files downloaded by NVIDIA GeForce Experience are placed in C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver, which is the EXE executable program format.

    GeForce Experience is a new NVIDIA application that is the easiest way to optimize your game and keep the driver up-to-date. GeForce Experience can optimize your PC in two main ways. First, GeForce Experience automatically alerts the new NVIDIA driver and downloads it. NVIDIA is constantly improving its drivers. New drivers improve game performance, add new features, and fix bugs. Second, GeForce Experience optimizes the graphics settings in the game based on hardware configuration. NVIDIA conducts extensive game testing for various combinations of GPU, CPU, and display resolutions, storing this information in the NVIDIA cloud. GeForce Experience connects to the NVIDIA cloud and downloads optimized game settings tailored to your PC.

    William Edwards- November 6, 2018 |