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Invalid file format or file extension. Make sure the file is corrupt and the file extension matches the file format

Asked by: Amy 203 views Software November 6, 2018

This file is very important to me, just can't open it. Can you help me?

2 Answers

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    Invalid extension means that the software or software that does not open such extension type files on the computer is not associated with such files. The system does not know how to open such files; file corruption refers to transmission or storage reasons. The key part of the file has changed and the file is not working properly; the extension and file format match. Files are generated by certain software. Each software has its own file format and is given a certain extension to indicate the logo. As long as there is no arbitrary modification in copying and transmission, the files generated by certain software must match. of. If you encounter a file that cannot be opened, you should first determine whether the software you are using matches the file; whether the software on the computer is associated with the file of the type (the file icon is displayed), the software is normal, then the rest is It may be that the file is corrupted. If the file is corrupt, the only way is to regain the normal file.

    Andrew Patel- November 6, 2018 |

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    Re-change the extension of the file. If you hide it, change the folder property so that you can see the extension, try to open it with your original program, or use the browser. turn on.

    Williams- November 6, 2018 |