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Excel how to display the value of the cell you need to connect after entering a specific value in a cell

Asked by: Marie Harrison 259 views Software November 9, 2018

Figure: Please guide the gods

2 Answers

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    You can’t satisfy this request:

             Because of the value of a cell: either the input is obtained or the reference is obtained


    Your request has been clearly “entered”

    then there is no way to satisfy the “display required” reference.

    Unless you use a workaround: Make the cell adjacent to the input cell meet your requirements

    Answer: I think of a workaround:
    1. First set the cell condition format
              Filled with a yellow value of 1
              Filled with green when the value is 2
    2. Set the cell format:
              Select all cells – set cell format – number – type input
    The effect diagram is shown in the figure:

    Catherine Cook- November 9, 2018 |

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    If the values ​​(data) in the yellow and green cells are fixed, the cell format setting can be solved.
    Otherwise, it is not fixed, you should use VBA.

    Marie Mitchell- November 9, 2018 |