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What effect does the aperture affect the exposure?

Asked by: Sarah Hill 237 views Hardware November 9, 2018

What effect does the aperture affect the exposure?

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    Aperture is a hole that can be resized in the camera lens. It controls the amount of light entering the lens. With the other factors constant, the larger the aperture is, the more light is entering through the lens. It’s like a window in the room, the bigger it opens, the more light it comes in. The value of the aperture is usually expressed by the f-stop value. Note that the larger the f-stop value, the smaller the aperture is. For example, the aperture of f16 is smaller than the aperture of f8. When the shutter speed is constant, the size of the aperture determines the brightness of the photo. The aperture is too large, the exposure will be excessive, and the photo will be white. The aperture is too small, the exposure will be insufficient, and the photo will be black lacquered.

    Richard King- November 9, 2018 |

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    affects the exposure by changing the size of the aperture.

    Steven Hughes- November 9, 2018 |