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Apple iPhone6

Asked by: Elizabeth Clark 214 views Phone & Tablet November 10, 2018

iPhone6 ​​after changing the battery screen screen unlimited restart

21 Answers

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    If it is a genuine battery, go to the free repair after sale

    Ryan Carter- November 10, 2018 |

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    Where to send the repair to the place where the problem is detected

    Brenda Roberts- November 10, 2018 |

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    Go to the after-sales to help you check, May be caused by system problems

    Ryan Wilson- November 11, 2018 |

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    The screen and the body force to press a few times, the phone is fine, but this problem will occur from time to time

    Thompson- November 11, 2018 |

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    Look See if the contact piece inside is set to the screen, and there is the cable to see if it is loose.

    Jose- November 11, 2018 |

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    The screen is broken, change the screen, it is 300 yuan

    Anna Moore- November 11, 2018 |

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    Visual inspection is a problem with the cable, after-sales solution

    Frank- November 11, 2018 |

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    See if the cable is not plugged in~

    Turner- November 11, 2018 |

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    The cable problem, there is Virtual welding, I pressed the screen and the body force a few times, the phone is fine, but this problem will still occur from time to time~

    Scott- November 12, 2018 |

  10. +6Votes  

    This screen has problems.

    Shirley White- November 12, 2018 |

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    This should be a cable problem

    Stephanie King- November 13, 2018 |

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    It is estimated that when you change the battery, it will affect the screen cable. Try to find a good screen and you can get better.

    Melissa Wright- November 14, 2018 |

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    There is a problem with the screen cable  Go find a reliable repair point

    Smith- November 14, 2018 |

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    Remove the cable to re-replace the repair

    Que Stion: Is the screen cable problem?

    Harold Allen- November 15, 2018 |

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    It should be the cable problem

    Arthur- November 15, 2018 |

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    The display is broken.

    It is recommended that you go to your local Apple mobile phone authorized store to find a professional maintenance staff to help you.

    Joseph Smith- November 15, 2018 |

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    Display Broken

    Deborah- November 15, 2018 |

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    When you disassemble the machine, the cable is broken, go to the after-sales service.

    Question: Is the screen cable broken?

    Virginia Hill- November 15, 2018 |

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    Change the phone if the conditions permit.

    Karen Brown- November 15, 2018 |

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    Not recommended for repair. If the economy allows, change the phone.

    Janet Smith- November 15, 2018 |

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    The row inside The line is broken

    Anna Evans- November 16, 2018 |