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Win7 “copy but retain these two files” when copying files, the options are gone, how to recover

Asked by: Michael Phillips 227 views Software November 18, 2018

Win7 "copy but retain these two files" when copying files, the options are gone, how to recover

3 Answers

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    When you look at your problem, you know that you are not very familiar with the computer. There can only be one file with the same name in the same folder. Suppose there is a file name.doc in the folder, when you copy the file name.doc of the same name in another folder. The system will definitely prompt “whether to choose to override”, the difference is that win7 provides more choices, the system will prompt you whether to “overwrite” or “two files are retained”, when you choose to keep, the system The name.doc will be automatically renamed to name(1).doc. XP does not have this feature. In XP you only have to manually rename it.

    Amanda- November 18, 2018 |

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    Normal, indicating that the copied file is not duplicated. If you copy the duplicated file, you will have this prompt

    Joyce- November 18, 2018 |

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    then the operation cannot be this way, sometimes it is If your file is occupied, etc., please check

    Susan Campbell- November 18, 2018 |